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Dr. Will Richardson’s posh, freestanding dermatology practice, Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics, concentrates on three key areas of interest – MOHS surgery, laser therapy and injectables. “We cater to all aspects of general and cosmetic dermatology,” says Dr. Richardson.

Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics has been awarded as a top Dermatology practice with some of Fort Lauderdale’s best Dermatologists. Verified by

Carolina fully enjoys Doctor Will’s care for her skin and she only gifts her self the Utmost, just as she coaches others to do.  Doctor Will has been called, in many articles, ‘The DaVinci of Skin” and he is. Carolina and our company are honored to be a faithful clients of Doctor Will.  We would never change to any other Dermatologist and highly recommend his services above all.

Natura’s Mission Statement

Our commitment is that no human dies from melanoma. To transform how people see themselves and what is possible regarding their health and appearance leaving them with self-confidence and peace of mind. Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics has elevated the standard for the experience of healthcare for the World by providing cutting-edge technology, evidence-based therapeutics, and impeccable patient-provider relationships.

Our patients leave with the experience of being nurtured and fulfilled.

T: 954-537-4106