February 6, 2014 Health, Fun & Well-Being Newsletter – Topic of the Week: YOUR BELIEF ABOUT STRESS CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL – BEING!!!

January 23, 2014 Health, Fun & Well-Being Newsletter – Topic of the Week: GIFT YOURSELF WITH THE DELICIOUS BENEFITS OF NUTRITION PLANS!!!

Daily Tip – Sunday 02/16/14 – Believe In The Fantasy!

Believe in the fantasy! We all have beliefs that may be a little out there, but it’s all right to indulge you in thoughts of magic or miracles! Every exciting thing created started as a thought that was followed through with.  Time to believe in yours.

Daily Tip – Saturday 02/15/14 – Find Comfort In The Familiar Within!

Find comfort in the familiar within! Sometimes, especially when not in our regular environment, we can miss the familiar outside of us. It’s perfectly natural.  Instead, take comfort in the familiar within you! Our comfort is always available within even when it isn’t outside of us.

Daily Tip – Friday 02/14/14 – Be Happy With Your Decisions!

Be happy with your decisions! We all have to make decisions, but how often are we happy with them one hundred percent? Make a decision and then let it go, knowing that you made the best decision you could with what you knew. Time for the next decision vs. second-guessing the one you just made.