March 28, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Nutrition”Non-obvious” addictions

Let’s look at “non-obvious addictions “and applying the 1rst and 2nd Proposal to non-obvious addictions. Now, if you haven’t watched those videos (or transcripts if your prefer) – please pause and go watch that first proposal. All of my videos are free, my website is free, so please go ahead and do that. The website is below the video (see You can also drop any questions you have there. I am not selling you anything, I am committed to making a difference. And exchanging information, I give you what I have learn through the videos and if you would, please give me feedback, your opinions, your experiences in the subject, then I can learn from you.

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Now, all that said, we are going to apply: “having a profound, authentic relationship with your body because of your imperfections instead of in spite of your imperfections”(2nd Health Proposal) in the area of non-obvious addictions. I am not talking about the addictions we all know: drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. I am not even talking about the kind of obvious addictions that most people now know like: salt, sodas, etc. I am talking about the non-obvious addictions like;

– the addiction to do – we are addicted to do, do, do, do and never take the full benefit of the stillness that is so restoring & healthy for your body – like meditate. I don’t mean that in a religious way but in a health and well being kind of a way.
– the addiction to stress, you will see that we are addicted to stress in many ways. Not necessarily direct stress but we are addicted to many behaviors that lead to stress unavoidably. For example;
– the addiction to, doing whatever we need to do to come out looking good from situations. I don’t mean physically, I mean like in a conversation we will not admit that we were not correct or that we were inaccurate because it looks bad to be the person that was wrong (could be called the addiction to BEING RIGHT).
– the addiction to being liked; If they ask us to do something that we know is going to be stressful because we are not going to have time to do it we will say “yes”. All kinds of things come out looking good that leads to a lot of stress.
– the addiction to being tough, when something is there that is really upsetting or stressing you we will stay in the stressful situation to be tough because nothing is going to touch you. That is a huge amount of stress for many of us.
– the addiction to avoid, at all cost, coming out wrong in a situation. We will stay in an argument for a long time just to avoid looking like the person that is wrong.
– the addiction to stay awake – many of us are addicted to stay awake and we don’t sleep enough. We even admire the people who can live on 5 hours of sleep. I use to be one of those people – when it is completely unhealthy! Just to begin those are some examples.

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The Scientific Art of listening to your body – Second Health Proposal

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Hello again, Carolina Aramburo.  In this video and corresponding transcript, what I want to talk about is my second Health Proposal.  Now this video isn’t going to make sense if you haven’t watched the First Health Proposal.  So if you haven’t, please pause this video go back and watch the First Health Proposal.  By the way, all of my videos are free so you can watch them all if you want to catch up to this one.  If you have any questions after watching the videos or you want to communicate with me, please go to the link of the webpage under the video.  I will be happy to answer any question, my webpage is free – this channel is also free – I am not selling you on anything.  My biggest commitment is the exchange of information and the opportunity to make a difference.  I am committed that the information I am giving you, what I have discovered, will make a difference for you.  How you can make a difference for me is giving me your feedback.  So, with all of that said and assuming you have watched the first health proposal…  here is the second.

The Second Health Proposal is about tuning into and listening to your body in a particular way.  I am suggesting there is an actual scientific art .. you know it is like an art .. you get to create it and it is literally with the precision of a scientist.  So, a scientific art of you getting your body’s natural prescriptions and that can make a huge difference in anybody’s health journey.  It has made a difference in mine and I am committed that it makes a difference for you.  What do I mean by that?  When you are out to make a difference in your health or you are dealing with health issues like I am there is so many things you can do.  So, obviously, you have to follow the directions and prescriptions of your doctor.

You absolutely do have to do everything your doctor says to do, but to support yourself in natural ways there are so many alternatives.  Obviously you have to do a healthy diet, you have to exercise… all those things right?  But there are so many ways of exercising, so many possible health diets so just picking one doesn’t do it. And, even though it would be healthier than not doing a healthy diet, what I am recommending & what I am suggesting in this proposal is that there is a way to support your body to the best possible way so that your body can heal itself.  It doesn’t mean ignoring the doctor, absolutely do what the doctor says to do, but complimenting what the doctor says to do you can provide for an enormous amount of support to your body if you begin to tune into and train yourself to actually be – to you and your body being in communication (for a lack of better words) for you to actually get what your body needs & what your body is asking for.  It does take a journey, it does take patience, it does take what I am talking about in the first proposal – cherishing you body in such a way that you are wiling to develop a relationship & communication with your body.

Now, just to give it a quick name, I am going to call it listening to your body – may people have been talking about that.  If you are out to listen to your body you have a little bit of a dilemma at first.  You could try to listen to your body and just end up listening to the internal dialogue.  How can you differentiate between the internal dialogue we all have, the little voice talking in the back of our heads and your body?  It is two complete different things.  So what do I mean about the internal dialogue?  We all have a little voice in the back of our mind saying things like, “ Why do I have to do this diet? I don’t want to exercise today.  It doesn’t matter if I skip one day.

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My Introduction

How did I start my Health Journey

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Health, Fun and Well Being – Sleep

Hello.  My name is Carolina Aramburo and in this video I am going to talk about sleep, one of the crucial aspects of health.  I am going to apply the first health proposal to sleep, one of the major commitments one must have if you are committed to being healthy.  As I said in the introduction post or video – if you didn’t watch it you can go back and watch it  @ or you can scroll down and read it. And it’s the same with the first health proposal – I did a lot of things “right” for my health, my whole life.  My whole life I ate healthy, I drank water, I took vitamins.. all those things. But there is one thing I didn’t do, well.. there are many things I didn’t do but one of those things I didn’t do among the several I didn’t do; is sleep enough and almost once a week, not sleep, that had me almost die eight months ago.

I will tell you a little piece of my history and I am committed you can learn from my example and save yourself from going thru what I went thru. So there I am in my doctor’s office and he is telling me, “ If you don’t learn to sleep, ( because your brain has forgotten how to sleep), you are going to die.”  First of all, I was one of those people who were addicted to staying awake.  In the last video we were talking about non-obvious addictions; there it is listed as one of the many non-ovious addictions.  I think if you see yourself in whatever degree you do if I tell you what happened to me  and I am committed that could make a difference for you, in that non-obvious addiction: the addiction to stay awake and not sleep enough – that many of us have.

I thought I lived a healthy life all of my life.  I was very productive – I worked 17 hours a day and I was a high-energy producer kind of a person – leading seminars around the world, producing results for people and always having a busy schedule.  I was healthy, energetic and I was proud that I didn’t need any more than 5 hours a night and I even could do with less or if I needed it with no sleep.

And there I am – with a doctor telling me that if I don’t learn to sleep I am going to die.  And then he told me, “You need 8 hours.”.  First of all it was hard for me to accept that a human being needs 8 hours, that I need 8 hours.  I saw it like a waste of a third of my life: sleeping.  He explained to me that you invest a third of your life sleeping so you can be healthy the other 2/3.

Now, when you are faced with death you need to learn!!!.  I highly recommend getting committed to a health journey and getting committed to your sleep being sufficient before you end up like I did.  It is really easy to take a sleeping pill and go to sleep and it’s OK since you may have to do that.  But, if you apply the first proposal to the non-obvious addiction of staying awake you will really take a journey similar to mine.  For example, I learned to do whatever I need to do fall asleep naturally.  I learned that meditation makes a difference.  I learned that it is not just sleep – the numbers of hours that you sleep is important – that 7 vs. 8 does have an impact on your health.  I learned that it is not only the hours – it is the quality of sleep.  It is not just sleeping because when I started sleeping 8 hours I was just happy that it was 8 hours.  But then I learned the quality of sleep because sometimes you sleep 8 hours and you are still tired because it wasn’t deep enough for your body to restore itself.  I even learned that I needed to turn off all the lights.  You know how some of us fall asleep with the light on?  If there is light there then there are things that do not get activated like they are suppose to do, to restore themselves in your brain.  There are so many things about sleep that I cannot tell you all of them in one post or video.

It took me 6 months to learn to sleep 8 hours and to sleep deep enough and in a natural way and fall in love with sleeping, which was something that was never going to happen if I wasn’t that sick.  You have no idea of the impact of not sleeping.  There were many things I did “right” but just not sleeping enough gives you, for example, the next day being stressed out.  For no reason being a little edgy and stress is a major addiction that impact out health.  In the next video I am going to talk about stress.  But, sleep is a big subject and no to have a long video the best way is o go to our website – it is down below this video (see and you will find very generous conversations between doctors and participants and natural doctors giving you everything you need for learning to sleep enough – restful sleep, deep sleep – so you can restore yourself and your health the correct way.

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Carolina’s Introduction


Hello, My name is Carolina Aramburo and I am creating this introduction note (also a video) just to introduce myself to you.

When I read anybody’s work on any subject I always get intrigued: how did that person get there?  SO, I wanted to share a little bit about; how did I get here.

I had the privilege of participating in being part of an elite master group of coaches, which is in my opinion, and in the opinion of many, many people, the best coaches of the world.

That elite group of people gave me the opportunity to lead large events and large seminars around the world.  I had the chance to lead to hundreds of thousands of people and I also had the chance to do a lot of one-on-one personal and business coaching.

SO after fifteen years of participating in that kind of work I really got that my life was and is about making a difference – that it is not something I do – it is just who I am.

I was leading programs last year and I got very. very sick.  Eight months ago I got really sick and I almost lost my life.

And given that, the last 8 months I have been on a major health journey.  I stopped working (as my doctor ordered) and I have been just fully dedicating myself to recover myself and heal myself.

In this massive health journey I have been learning a lot about health and well being and what it takes to heal oneself in this extreme conditions.  I have discovered and learned many things that I want to share with people who are committed to their health and well being just like I am.

I figure; If I am going through this whole massive health journey I may as well make a difference through what I am learning.

Therefore that is how come I go to be doing what I am doing. I’m  the co-author, the orchestrator in writing this book – the first ever book written by a community of Facebook – and the subject is : Health, Fun and Well Being.

What is unique about this book, that I am so excited to tell you about is that it is not just health and well being – it is actually health and well being from a different approach.

There is a very unique approach that I’m committed is really going to make a difference for people in their own health journeys.

Also, what is very very unique about this book is that I am not writing what I have to offer and what I have learned only. We are all writing it together  – everybody is contributing everything they know.  The co-authors of my book is a group of about 1000 people – they all get to participate, we all get to teach each other and coach each other.

It is extraordinary because just in writing the book we are supporting each other and learning from each other.  That group of people includes MDs, PHDs, and alternative doctors from alternative medicine like acupuncturists, chiropractors.  There are Yoga Instructors, energy workers; there are all kinds of people from all walks of life, extraordinarily committed to their health.  Also the book has a fun approach.

I am inviting you to check us out.  There is a link below this video (see  I am majorly working on writing the book and taking a health journey.

I will be sending a lot of videos with all the discoveries/proposals I have for health to contribute for well being.  You will find all of those proposals on this blog and the corresponding videos – one after another – on this channel:

Thank you so much for being committed to your health and for giving me and giving us the opportunity to make a difference.

I am committed that everything we share with you IS going to make a difference.  How you can make a difference for us is by giving us your feedback.  If you would go to the link (see and give us your comments and or your feedback then that will make a major difference for us.

We are not selling you anything.  The commitment is giving and receiving of information.  That would be a major way to contribute to us: giving us your feedback.

Thank you for much for the opportunity and until our next health proposal.