July 11, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Having Fun is No Laughing Matter! It Can No Kidding Heal You – You Will Be Overjoyed To Find This Out!!

July 4, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Your Emotions Can Totally Make You Sick and/or Totally Help You Heal

June 27, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Sleep – The Magical Secret to Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

Hello, my name is Carolina Aramburo. In this particular newsletter, I want to discuss one of the most powerful, natural medicines that you can provide your body to be healthy, stay healthy, or get healthy.

I want to give you a context for the following information. I am not a doctor. More than anything, I am a student of health and well-being; a professional student.  I ave been blessed enough to work with a lot of natural and western traditional doctors, and I have learned a lot. I want to make sure that I pass on everything I have learned so far to help myself in order to help as many people as I can.

Sleep is one of the best healers and one of the best and most powerful medicines that I have found, and I want to talk to you about it. Actual sleep is free medicine. Sleep is way more important than anybody knows. I am convinced that most of us really don‘t know how important it is to sleep. Not just to sleep but to sleep enough, to sleep in an uninterrupted way and to sleep deep enough.

Here are the most important pieces I can give you about the value of sleep. First of all, sleep has physical value, which is both obvious and non-obvious, it has mental value, and it has emotional value.


June 13, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Natural Home Remedies For Long Term Benefits

In this week’s newsletter, what I’m going to do is apply both my 1st Health Proposal and my 2nd Health Proposal. We will focus more on my 1st Health Proposal; the bottom line says “cherish your body” because of it’s imperfections, not despite it’s imperfections. Therefore, cherishing the weaknesses and the strengths of your body exactly the same.

I want to talk to you about natural home remedies. Given that I have been very ill over the last 9-10 months, and I have been in a massive health journey, I’ve learned very tough-to-learn lessons about my health. I don’t recommend learning about your health that way. So, I highly recommend listening to those of us that made mistakes, and the mistake of not caring enough about our health. Learn from us to make sure that you do and therefore avoid all this trouble.

One of the things about my illness that I could share with you in this newsletter is that I have to take medication for several of my illnesses. But, I also made the mistake of taking medications that I didn’t really need.

April 25, 2011 – Carolina Aramburo’s Video: Natural, Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Let’s look at “Natural, Out-of-the-Box Solutions“ and applying the 1st and 2nd Proposal to non-obvious addictions. Now, if you haven’t watched those videos (or transcripts if your prefer) – please pause and go watch that first proposal. All of my videos are free, my website is free, so please go ahead and do that. The website is below the video (see http://www.facebook.com/CarolinaAramburoAndFriends). You can also drop any questions you have there. I am not selling you anything, I am committed to making a difference. And exchanging information, I give you what I have learn through the videos and if you would, please give me feedback, your opinions, your experiences in the subject, then I can learn from you.

I am going to apply Health Proposal 2 to common aches and pains that some of us have to deal with everyday. I want you to be clear that nothing I am saying comes from a doctor. I am, more than anything, a person committed to really improve her health and actually a person going through a massive personal health and well-being journey. It wasn’t just a brilliant idea it is because I am dealing with several illnesses. So, in many of my illnesses I need to take medication. I totally recommend always always always doing what your doctor says to do. In my case I have to take medication for several of my illnesses and in this case I am going to share with you about my chronic adrenalin fatigue. For that illness I have to take medication – that is fantastic for the illness and it has made a huge difference for me but the problem is that a lot of medication in your body really impacts your liver. It impacts many organs in your body. I was dealing with the side effects of the medicine for this particular illness. One of the things that started happening is that I started having massive migraines – all day, unbearable – migraines. I had never had migraines before in my life but that’s a big big problem. I can’t take painkillers. If I was going to take pain killers for my migraines it would have taken my liver all the way down and it is already compromised so that is a very bad idea. I had to find natural solutions.

Here are the out-of-the-box natural solutions I can give you and for the others go to my fan page and you’ll get to see a lot of them. (see http://www.facebook.com/CarolinaAramburoAndFriends ). For the migraines a radical solution is to do deep breathing. I really recommend doing deep breathing. I think it is really outside-of-thebox – I would have never tried that if it weren’t for one of my friends. I have many friends and real partners in my health journey that are natural doctors and also regular doctors and many other people. One of them taught me to do techniques of deep breathing and as radical as it sounds when I do a half an hour sometimes, 45 minutes sometimes, when the migraine is too strong – it actually disappears my migraine.

Now that is radical – without medication being able to do that. You may not have the amount of migraines I have and you may not be confronting side effects of medication but I do know that people confront headaches on a daily basis sometimes so try it on – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes – see the difference it makes. Also, you definitely have to listen to your body, as we were creating in Health Proposal 2 because maybe the origin of your headaches or migraines is very different than mine. At some point I confronted different headaches and for those, radical solution, drinking a lot of water made a huge difference.

….more in the video…