As an ANSWER to massive requests, the INDIGO* Children/Adults COACHING Division is Officially OPEN, if you know of #IndigoChildren or #IndigoAdults that need of our Support please SEND them OVER… It is Carolina’s honor to Coach/Support/ #SERVE them!

Being an “Indigo” is way more challenging than most can imagine and with Appropriate SUPPORT they/we can do #MARVELOUS things!!!

…For those of YOU that have the question about if YOU are An INDIGO, the answer is YES!! … and for PARENTS; if your children are not ‘struggling’ with this special NEED, they won’t ever tell you….but you can sense ‘something’…

*Over the last 2 Decades one of the most frequent Requests I receive from parents is their requests for #COACHING about how to better #Empower their Child especially when their Child is an ‘INDIGO’ or Extra Bright or Extra Sensitive or Extra Active. Parenting a Child is the most challenging & awesome ENDEAVOR ever … But when you add #Indigo or “Extra __” to the equation it becomes an endeavor that requires the #PARENTS having Extra Professional SUPPORT, as much as the children..

** The Label ‘Indigo’ is not necessarily a term that I am totally Aligned with, but it does serve the communication purpose intent here.

If you are interested in INDIGO Children/Adult COACHING , then contact us today find out how Carolina can Coach/Support/ #SERVE you or someone you love!