michaelmcnerney-newI have had the opportunity to work with Carolina and her group in the last few years. I think I offer a unique perspective on what is available out of her coaching and influence. I retired from a professional golf career and had very little experience in the corporate environment. With Carolina’s help, I relocated and started a completely new career in the mortgage banking industry.Just landing this job was a huge win. I started this new career in November of 2010 at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Needless to say, the compensation was paltry. See more

With Carolina’s significant contribution, I was able to navigate the corporate mine field and thrive. Three short years later, my income has risen 500% to the middle six figures. During this time, I had some rough stretches where I wanted to give up and quit. With Carolina and her groups help, I stuck it out and I’m the happiest I have been in a very long time.I like to think of myself as a smart guy, but what I realized is that I couldn’t accomplish all of my goals without help. I’ll be forever grateful for the coaching and contribution Carolina and her team provided. If you have something you want to accomplish, having a world class coach is an absolute necessity! Thanks Carolina for all that you have done for me and so many others. Cheers.

~ Michael McNerney,

VP Mortgage Lending/Branch Manager Guaranteed Rate

Jessica-KizorekThank God for Carolina. Our one-on-one coaching started immediately following a traumatic experience that had knocked the wind out of me like a swift punch in the gut from a professional boxer. I was reeling backwards, and had completely lost my footing. I kept thinking I was crazy, and felt like I was loosing control of my mind and emotions. See more

She had an amazingly calming presence, and gently brought me back to reality so I could objectively view the circumstances and find a healthy way of dealing with the betrayal and rage I was experiencing. With her coaching I was quickly able to read the situation and identify solutions. She led me to express myself with power rather than feel like a lunatic trapped in a emotionally draining tornado of victimhood. What makes her so good is that she knows – with SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY- exactly what you need. Over the course of 3 months she frequently varied her approach to facilitate the exact breakthroughs I needed. Sometimes she was soft, other times she was my hard-core personal dominatrix… all in the name of providing me with a new level of self-mastery. If you’re a powerful producer who doesn’t screw around, Carolina is for you. Her 20 years of intensive training will allow you to slice through difficult circumstances like a freshly sharpened filet knife. Don’t make life harder than it is. Use Carolina’s radical coaching to make it easy, clear, and wildly unbridled.”

~ Jessica Kizorek,

Founder, Badass Business Women

PeterMelhadoI am the CEO of a group of companies in Jamaica. I have known Carolina for many years dating back to our mutual involvement in a well-known educational enterprise. When Carolina emerged from an illness and established her life coaching company, I considered it a continuation of her calling to make a positive difference for people. See more

Many things were going well for me and I did not feel compelled to dig around for any blind spots until my wife, a coachee of Carolina at the time, suggested I do a consultation. On that call, Carolina honed in with unerring accuracy on a big blind spot that had been impacting the quality of my life for many years, my health. I was not a traditional case; I was fit as a fiddle at 50 years old (due to a long-term running addiction), eschewed alcohol, cigarettes and watched my diet very carefully.
Being somewhat obsessive (my wife has another word for it), I was loathe to make a lifestyle change without something equally grueling to replace what I was leaving behind. In other words, I was a hard case to crack. The coaching technology employed by Carolina and her team is difficult to summarise and best experienced first hand. However, her promise of radical results was not necessarily what I had in mind; as such, I decided I would do the 75% programme – take on the good and jettison what I perceived to be ‘bad’ (in other words, do what I do in every other area of my life; does this sound familiar to the reader)? What I did not count on was the design of the coaching and its effectiveness in breaking down the rigid behavioural patterns that had been with me for all of my adult life.
Over the course of 6 months, I moved step by step to reshape my lifestyle; not from fear (my original approach) but from a place of excitement about what was possible with my new context for wellbeing. In short, I got to grips with my eating disorder (known in my previous life as a ‘disciplined diet’), added ten pounds of muscle and achieved a higher level of overall fitness while getting 8 hours sleep a night. As importantly, I have been coached to develop an alertness for my body’s signals and to heed them rather than push myself into ill-health. While the tangible results have delighted me, it is the ease I now have in this area that is my treasured outcome. For that, I am eternally grateful to Carolina and her team.

~ Peter Melhado,

President & CEO

ICD Group of Companies Kingston, Jamaica

523659_134133123400598_395838297_n(1)My name is Phyllie Conroy and for many years I’ve been plagued with bad health issues, some of which were quite serious. I’ve had thyroid cancer, an aneurosm, congestive heart failure along with knee replacement surgery, cervical disk replacement surgry, to name a few. I am 48 years old. See more

When I met Carolina, I was so ill and tired, I was at a point where I was ready to just quit. I was taking so many different types of medication, including morpine and percoset, that 90% of my day I was nauseous. I had no energy at all to speak of. As a matter of fact I went from being an avid swimmer to being an avid couch ornament in a matter of weeks. I began coaching with Carolina and the health division coaches, not really believing it would help. However, I decided I was going to do it and I was going to do everything I was told to do.
I started to notice a difference a few weeks in. I had a little more energy than I’d had in ages. And with every week’s coaching call, I noticed that every week, my energy increased a little. What also improved was my cognitive abilities. My thinking had become clearer, and a sharpness and wit long since lost had returned. Friends noticed my sense of humor returning and comments like “I never thought I would see YOU again” and “Where have YOU been hiding all this time?” were quite common! I can safely say that what was not just hiding but was buried, was my life’s spark. Now with the help and commitment of Carolina and the health division coaches, that spark was returning and it was wonderful!
I have been receiving health coaching for almost a year now and I’m feeling better than I have felt in at least 10 years! I might have been breathing today without Carolina and the coaching of the health division, but I wouldn’t be alive without them. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

~ Phyllie Conroy

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Carolina Aramburo has been my business coach for 12 months, and in that time I’ve seen a dramatic turnaround in my business. Not only did she increase my revenues by 110%, but perhaps more importantly, she helped me navigate through business negotiations that could have destroyed my business had I went with my inclination vs. her coaching. See more

I’m humbled and honored to have the most intuitive, intelligent, and no b.s. business coach on the planet. I wouldn’t even want to think about running my business without having Carolina in my corner.

~ Craig Collins, ;
Social Media Edge Founder

Cara-Flatley-Sooto-finalAs a Lead Regional Account Manager and Professional Coach myself, having a coach of my own is imperative. I’ve been coached by many different kinds of companies and styles and have to say that Kym at Carolina Aramburo Coaching is, by far, the best personal and professional coach that I have ever had. Her techniques are precise, creative, fun, inspiring and nearly effortless to implement.See more

Prior to being a client, much of my life was a whirlwind of constant management of breakdowns and dealing with the circumstances of those breakdowns. My health was deteriorating; I rarely slept more than 2 or 3 hours at a time and I was constantly stressed out. My family felt like my life was more about work and coaching clients than them. I knew something had to change, and fast. That is when my financial advisor told me about Carolina Aramburo Coaching.
The methodology (if you would even call it that!) is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It is simple to implement, totally exciting and highly effective! Who can say that about a coaching structure of any kind? Through this work, I was able to make changes to my schedule and lifestyle immediately and the results were instantaneous. Through the 9 months of working with Carolina Aramburo Coaches, I have been promoted, increased my income by 15% and will most likely exceed my projected income for 2014. The small business, where I am employed as the company coach and lead a team of account managers, has most certainly seen an increase in production and employee satisfaction. I attribute this not only to the amazing people with whom I work, but also to the phenomenal coaching that I get from Kym, who has worked with some of the best performing companies in the country. She is generous with her knowledge, clear about what needs to be developed in me and spot-on with her coaching.
Where there used to be worry and sometimes doubt, now there is an ease and simplicity to the relationships with my clients and colleagues. The things used to stress me out about managing work and family is greatly reduced. I work much more efficiently in a fraction of the time that I used to. With Kym’s coaching, work now feels like a natural extension of me rather than a chore that must be fulfilled for a pay check. I have taken more vacations and time off in the last 9 months than the last 5 years combined and increased productivity while doing so. Carolina and her team of coaches deliver the radical results, as promised. Anyone is better off for giving them a call and seeing what they can do for you and whatever goals you have for your life!

~ Cara So’oto

Account Manager at Choice Advisory

Elyse pic“A Coach?! No, I don’t think so.. real artists don’t use coaches, we suffer, it’s part of being an artist.” – Elyse Rich, circa 2011, pre Kym. Right from the first conversation, Kym Dolcimascolo impressed me with her openness and intuitive, free-flowing style. Trust was a big issue for me, so this approach inspired confidence.The results I’ve generated with Kym have far surpassed what I was originally looking for. See more

Working in the music industry, my original goals were centered there. With Kym I was able to grow my production company, produce high quality products, get better DJ gigs, make more money and grow into a consultant. Because of her experience, Kym has been able to successfully guide me in both my business and personal life. With her coaching, I’ve had victories over my past relationship patterns to create the relationship of my dreams. If you want off the chart results in every area of your life, work with Kym. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me to be where I am today.

~ Elyse Rich

WhitneyWhen I think about how dramatically different my life is now having Dale as a coach, I have to laugh. Literally before I started coaching I had the thought “well this is as good as it gets, I have a job I love, a happy home life, a beautiful house what more could I ask for?” I had no idea how limiting I was with myself. This has been by far the most drastic change anything has ever done for me. See more

As a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones I have always worked very hard and had a lot of success. But now I’m able to have deeper relationships with my clients, and really feel I’m making the difference I’m out to cause in their lives, without nearly the hours I used to work in a week. I’m making more money than I ever have (I doubled my income within 3 months of coaching). Having the ability to really express myself genuinely is always present. I have a deeper sense of self and appreciation for who I am, as well as for others, I have the feeling of security in all areas of my life.
After coaching I can now say I have my dream home, my dream car, my dream relationship, my dream job, I have traveled more in the 6 months of coaching than I did the 5 years prior combined. I ended some of the stories I had about money and security to the point I feel completely free and secure in a way I have never experienced in my life. I have done a lot of work with a lot of other companies previously to try to achieve this same level of success, satisfaction and enlightenment. I am happier than I have ever been and I can honestly say I get so much more value out of the coaching than what it costs me, I can’t ever imagine not being coached by Carolina Aramburo Coaching.

~ Whitney Kershner

Edward Jones

Diego_Jinkus Gracias Carolina! (That’s Thank you, Carolina, for all non Spanish speakers out there). Carolina showed up in my life right in time. I was attending this amazing coaching courses where Carolina was the Master Coach. She rolled me out like a sock and put all my counter- productive habits right out in the open. It was NOT nice at all. But it was what I needed and Carolina nailed it right in the head. See more

She did it all with incredible understanding and love, and always made it clear that she was talking to a natural born leader. She knew what my areas that needed work were, and I must say, nearly with a surgeon’s accuracy. Her coaching provided me the path for a new realm of possibilities that I never even could fathom as available for me! As a performer and as an Extraordinary International Musician; moving me to the next level. My results could be reflected in the amount and quality of my art. Carolina’s coaching acted like the hot air beneath my wings. For the first time I experienced soaring through results. If you are an artist like me, but not really moving to the next level, Carolina will unlock the extraordinary that lives in you.

~ Diego Esteban Jinkus

International Extraordinary Artist and Musician

Liza-Shaw1“Carolina and Kym helped me ‘turn lead into gold!’ ”It is said that behind the most powerful and effective leaders are powerful and effective coaches. I was privileged to experience the profound truth of this wisdom firsthand as the recipient of six months of radical coaching from Carolina Aramburo and her partner, Kym Dolcimascolo. During my mentorship with these two powerhouses, my company more than tripled its gross revenues and business came in so fast we had to hire more staff to fill the demand. The support and empowerment I received while working with them was unprecedented. See more

I have never experienced such a potent combination of precision-guidance and caring, positive encouragement as I did with my radical coaches. The engagement between the three of us was a rare and special form of magic, as in the mythological alchemy that was said to turned lead into gold. Yet this magic sprang forth into my real life and work with such a force, I and everyone around me practically got whiplash!
We started with the proverbial “lead:” my outmoded understanding of what it took to be a great leader, with all of my previous behaviors and many unworkable habits which correlated with the previous way of thinking. Next we added Carolina and Kym’s vigorously effective tools—exercises and activities that radically altered my view of the situation and corresponding actions. And in a very short time, my relationships with people, circumstances, and perhaps most surprisingly, my lifelong struggle with “managing time” itself, fundamentally transformed.
I never realized how simple true leadership is. I was always too busy distracted by the struggles of my old, unworkable patterns. My work with Carolina and Kym has permanently expanded and altered every area of my life. I now experience unbridled joy and passion while maintaining a core sense of calm, centeredness, and all while performing at a higher level than I ever would have allowed myself to believe possible of my own volition! I am now equipped to apply all of the “gold” I discovered through my coaches, to my future, exponentially growing and succeeding in radically new, unpredictable and previously unimaginable ways!

~ Liza M. Shaw, MA

Founder of Power to Thrive Therapy™ Owner, Marriage and Family Therapy Services of Hickory, NC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Author, Public Speaker


CGM-Board-Vikram-DhimanWhen I started working with Carolina and Kym, I felt that I was already operating at an advanced level where I was able to achieve my goals both personally and professionally. Now having worked with them for the past 6 months, I believe that I now have a new toolbox to significantly up my game. I am much calmer and am able to see each and every opportunity or challenge with an unbiased sense of purpose and reality rather than an emotional and reactionary view. More importantly, I am able to take setbacks in my stride while continuing to move forward at a previously unachievable pace. See more

It has been an extraordinary journey of exploring how we operate as humans, and how our blind spots prevent us from seeing what is obviously stopping us from growing and building on our personal and professional relationships. They are relentless in digging deeper and worked with me to develop insights that delivered radical improvements and a solid foundation to the way that I operate at work and at home. Expect the unexpected from Carolina and Kym, but also a great new way of living and enjoying this wonderful life that has been given to us – No more anxiety and a lot more fun.

~ Vikram Dhiman COO,

ICD Group,

Happy Husband and proud father of two great sons

Araceli-Mendez1In February, 2008, I had the blessing to find Carolina who had/has the keys to my personal growth. She was leading a Seminar which I attended, and from the Seminar I created a total change in my life. I was a woman dueling in depression and not passionate to live, and that changed completely. I thank Carolina for her contribution to my life, and of course, to my business, because today thanks to her and her team’s Coaching, for learning to take control of my business and turn around completely my life. See more

I now, understand that having an advisor is absolutely necessary to have success in personal and work life. I also thank Carolina’s team, because I was able to let go of the fear that was stopping me from becoming an American Citizen. I was able to get my citizenship, and then able to create the miracle of bringing my parents to this country who had the opportunity to meet with their children after many, many years. Finally and most importantly, I now can enjoy my son more than ever, because I am enjoying my life and proud of who I am more than ever. Besides my Herbalife Business is going extraordinary as an independent distributor of Herbalife International. For everything; Thank you Carolina!!.

~Araceli Mendez

Independent Distributor, Herbalife

Carol_YoungIt wasn’t that long ago I didn’t think I would live to be 60. What I know now is if I am not taking care of me and my health issues – no other coaching about my business ventures or future plans would really matter. With Kym and Brittany’s coaching together I learned (and experienced) that I am going to live a long life – most likely into my 90’s. These six months have flown by and at the same time seem like they have been forever. See more

I am moving forward once again feeling good. I am also back on track about how I can handle my health that is best for me. Also, when I am taking care of me and eating healthfully my body pain is much reduced and my body can support me so much better in taking care of the rest of my life. I have gotten I am not my pain, and even though I am not pain-free, I am not limited by it.
Being energy balanced each day for the whole family has made us more centered and more at piece. I get a sense of more patience that is not resignation but more presents and control. Being committed to a retirement date of January 31, 2014 is like a miracle. I never in a million years thought I would retire, let alone be able to afford to retire. Knowing at a gut level that material things do not make me happy and letting go of a lot of stuff both physically and emotionally has freed me up. Last but not least, I am in touch with my body like never before. I would have never expected not to have eggs and bacon for breakfast each morning and to go all day with no cravings for beef has been amazing. I continue to work and experiment on more plant based meals that are truly satisfying. I end with thank you for the rest of my life.

~Carol Young

Matte1I’ve had other coaching before. Most of it was good and some was truly great. But never have I had such a transformation and achievement of purpose as I have had with Carolina Aramburo Coaching. Make no mistake, prior to working with my coach Dale, I was very comfortable in the success I’ve already experienced. So much so, that I knew I didn’t need further coaching. A very dear friend of mine, however, compelled me to try, and I’m so happy he did. Since starting I’ve lost weight and improved my relationship with my health; my family and I are communicating more openly and in better ways than I could have hoped for; See more

I’m learning another language; I’ve improved my business and will eliminate all of our debt in six months. My wife and I are more intimate and we discuss things with an openness we haven’t experienced in the 20 years we’ve been together. I’ve even signed up to run a 10k–I HATED RUNNING! Writing this I am overwhelmed at the accomplishments of the past six months and the foundation laid for the rest of my life. Even those (especially those) hopes, desires, wishes that were so dear yet so far away are now a part of me.

~ Matte Simmons

Financial Advisor

Anna_Stefanelli1Carolina Aramburo was an important coach in my life as she caused a major breakthrough for me in my power. In doing so, I gained momentum in causing my career and recognizing what I am able to create in my life. I was able to see that I can own my power and still be powerful for others. Carolina was someone who was not willing to see me any other way.She also believed in me, and constantly reminded me of who I really was and what I wanted. I also worked with her in having others get their own power and this inspires me to this day. See more

As an opera singer, it is important for me to connect with my audience. I am able to do so in a way that inspires people. The work that Carolina and I did together continues to support me in this, and this for me is the most valuable part of it all, that I continue to build on it and create my future. My concerts, performances and CDs all connect with my audience. I also educate others on the beauty of opera through my lecture performances. It is such a pleasure to be able to do this freely and joyfully.

~ Anna Stefanelli

Professional Opera Singer

David-Caceres1I had the opportunity, pleasure and challenge of working closely with Carolina in a period in which she coached over 150 people in a seminar. She did this every weekend, but I worked with her every three months for a little over two years. While partnering with her on these very intense days, I got coached in areas that I didn’t even knew could be expanded. In my world, I was happy, I had a good job and I was successful. See more

Through Carolina’s coaching, I was able to achieve things that were not in my realm of being possible, among others: to go for and obtain the job of my dreams, to the point that I got to choose the company the role and the salary that I wanted out of three job offers, from some of the largest corporations in the US. To have an extraordinary relationship, where my wife is the person that I share my thoughts, my feelings and my hopes; she is my safe place, she is home.
One of the added bonuses of Carolina’s coaching is that if one listens and takes on the coaching, it lasts for life. I haven’t been coached by her in the last three years, but I am still applying what she coached me on and by doing so I increased my income by 30% in the last 12 months, I recently ran a half-marathon in a little over 2 hrs. and have signed up for another two already. Carolina is a passionate coach, straight and objective and also a great human being.

~ David Caceres

Corporate Controller, DFASS Group – Largest Inflight Duty Free Retailer in the world

Erica-Elizabeth-Roblero1Carolina coached a seminar I took several years ago when I was 24. Before taking the seminar I was living in complete RESIGNATION. I thought success would only happen in my dreams. I did not even try to put my effort on something because I already knew I was going to fail. I never dared to try/do big things because I felt I was not capable to do so. I was living a very limited life.Then I met Carolina. She inspired me because I saw on her a confident, knowledgeable, and caring/loving woman. I let her coached me. I learned so much. See more

After the seminar I started to put to practice all the tools I got out of her coaching. Some of the tools included listening, taking action, accepting me and others the way we are and the way we are not, etc. Soon I noticed I stopped being different to be myself again, and that felt/feels sooo good.I sure keep using those tools and as a result I am now UNSTOPPABLE. I make my dreams come true. Whenever I have a goal, I don’t give up until I reach it, and I often get out of my comfort zone to try new things. Carolina made a difference in my life I thank God for her. Now I can make the difference in the life of the people I love.

~ Erica Elizabeth Roblero

Wells Fargo

Roberto_Suarez1If you are looking for a coach to empower you to play the biggest Game of your life, or to shift your current reality in any area of your life or business, why not hire a Coach that constantly plays in that radical space of greatness?She coaches from her heart and has been trained by the best trainers in the world.Carolina is one of a kind and has made a difference in my life through her coaching and friendship. See more

~ Roberto E Suarez

Owner at Mind to Heart Institute

Amjad AmanI met Carolina in 2008 when I was volunteering my time at an event where I was the main event coordinator. She was leading that event to about 150 people. I was so amazed at the level of rigor, love, and charisma she demonstrated. She truly cares for people, period. I was fortunate enough to work with her once again at a similar event. Both times I learned so much from working with her. See more

She cared about what was important to me, she trained me to be a great event coordinator and all the while made a difference in my life. I learned to believe in myself to accomplish bigger and greater things in life. It made a difference in my career, relationships, confidence and competence. I have a passion to make a difference for people and she really helped me in this quest.

Carolina is one of the most loving, generous, strong and beautiful human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing and working with. Her leadership is so genuine, bold, refreshing and empowering. She believes and trusts you to grow into a much bigger human being than you consider yourself to be. She is a great coach in any field that she is coaching especially for health, personal and professional goals. You can trust her to elevate your life. She won’t budge, she will always demand greatness from herself and other people
~ Amjad Aman

Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of Central Florida

Michael-and-PatricioYou really should hire Carolina as your coach. Carolina and Kym coached my husband and me for over a year. During that time, we both produced some incredibly radical results in our business, our finances, and our health. See more

If you want to stop making excuses and get in action NOW, then Carolina is perfect for you.
~ Michael Mussman and Patricio Vegas Michael Mussman,

Michael – Lead Copywriter at Bridgepoint Education

Patricio – Nurse Supervisor

Katia Fanica Carevic MatulicThank God for putting Carolina in my way! Thanks to the seminars I attended, and especially the warmth that changed my way of living, that has made me successful in all challenges at work and life!Is very important to know and understand and apply the teachings, especially to achieve personal and professional accomplishments with Carolina and her team’s guidance. See more

Thanks to Carolina I am a positive woman, managing positions and responsibilities such as managing a hotel. I stay two consecutive cycles as the Vice President of the Chamber of Hotels in my City, but especially, most importantly a woman living with positive mind set!

~Katia Fanica Carevic Matulic

VP of Hotel Chamber Cochabamba

Manuel-Cassola1My name is Manuel Cassola. Almost five years ago Carolina Aramburo made her appearance in my life in a seminar she was leading. Her love and compassion lead me to find a whole different space to live my life that I never suspected was all along in front of me. Her persistent knocking at our ears perfected the art of being present moment to moment, of being capable to finally empty my head of thoughts and be able to listen from nothing.To capture the essence of why we are all here. My life turned 180 degrees and I redefined my way of doing business, related to friends, family, co-workers. See more

Her influence helped sharpen more and more my integrity in all I do. Today, almost five years from that magic day, I say every time thank you Carolina for helping me find myself. You are truly a leader of leaders.

~Manuel Cassola

C.E.O. at Redient Systems Corporation

Sandra_AlfaroI heard from Carolina, before I met her, I was struck by her story, when she came back to Cochabamba for a Herbalife event, after living in the USA for a year or so, she came to lead a Seminar. See more

I heard about her; about what happened to her, her accident and how she overcame it, her becoming a Public Speaker, making inspiration out of tragedy by becoming stronger and the most charismatic person that I have ever met (and many people think the way I do). She knew already back then how to reach the hearts of people, imagine now !!! A few years later I helped organize a seminar for Herbalife distributors and friends, for Carolina, at this time during the two days seminar lasted, I can say Carolina touched my heart so deeply with her knowledge and the simplicity with which she shared all her Self Improvement Teachings.
Personally, from that Seminar I experienced a very significant EVOLUTION for my life; I learned to give my self the precious gift of self worth, and to love myself much more. I learned that we can not give what we don’t have. Since that Seminar I am more confident, more positive, also to have great faith in God, because in that Seminar I felt God, that night, deep inside me!! After that Seminar, I know how to declare and make things happen. After that Seminar I live and believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I learned to live in the present, given that is GIFT, I learned to not live in the past, and not in the future either, because when we do, we lose the only thing that we have which is NOW, the only moment that exists, truly. I am a way better person in every aspect of life and I continue to learn every day, of course!!!
I am infinitely grateful for having met Carolina and have her in my life, for having learned everything that I did learn, and for still learning more and more every day, beyond the distance, through her online Coaching.

~Sandra Alfaro

Teacher at: Carlos Beltran Morales Children Learning Center

Nicola PolcariI had the occasion and privilege to be coached by Carolina Aramburo. She has transformed my life that I could not possibly imagine that it had everlasting possibilities. She is very candid and direct with a commitment to make profound difference. My life has taken a giant leap forward, finding my true expression in my life and family. I found the courage to change careers from banking to construction. By doing this, with the intense coaching delivered with compassion, I and my family are living magically and miraculous lives. See more

She is always on my side and will not let me off the hook when I am confronted and afraid to take the actions to alter my life. I am and always will be truly happy that she is always on my side.

~Nicola Polcari

Former Banker now on Construction Industry

Mauricio JimenezI was in a Seminar with Carolina Aramburo as a Seminar Leader. I remember her hard work to have everyone get that we evolved our lives. See more

I remember when she called me – during the seminar time – to “coach” me – asking me – let’s work in an area of your life that needs improvement – and I answered in an arrogant way – “No Carolina, I do not have any” – When in reality I was living in a small efficiency, working 12 hours per day in a car wash, with no relationship and far from my family.

It took only two months in that seminar with Carolina to I GOT it. And evolved my life to have a relationship, work as an architect in one of the bigger companies in Florida, drive the car that I wanted and live the life that I wanted.

Today, and almost every day, I apply Carolina’s coaching. She evolved my life in such a way that it is impossible not to apply her teachings.

Now, I live in Toronto, Canada. I own three companies – Magic Vision Photography – – 360 Virtual Tour – – and Brazilian Hair Studio – – in a happy and healthy relationship – traveling around the world and doing what I love to do.

Carolina, you are and will be part of my life forever. Thank you!
~ Mauricio Jimenez

Gabriela SaadCarolina’s coaching was a remarkable experience in my life. The effectiveness of her coaching has provoked a domino effect in all areas of my life. See more

After attending her coaching sessions I have been able to take all relationships in my life to the next level. I am clear at identifying what moves me, what inspires me, and most of all how I can utilize that to positively impact the lives of those around me and to meaningfully contribute to our world. Carolina simply opened a door that I didn’t see it had been in front of my eyes all along and allowed me to see that there is a world of possibilities for me there.
~ Gabriela Saad

Christopher ParaldiI had the opportunity of being part of a 3 day seminar in which Carolina was our Coach. The three days I was at the seminar were very intense but intense in a positive way. You need to understand that Carolina’s approach was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. See more

I now have a stronger relationship with the people in my life And I’m able to communicate at another level within all areas in my life. Now that I think about it I was coached by Carolina over four years ago and there isn’t a day in my life that I don’t use something I learned from Carolina. I’m so thankful that I took advantage of those three days being coached by Carolina. Its great to see that Carolina still has the opportunity to touch thousands of lives all around the world and doing so with such passion! Carolina thank you for all you do.
~ Christopher Paraldi

ThomasSchneider1I have had the pleasure of getting coaching with Carolina and must say that her style and effectiveness is truly unparalleled. I remember when we first met she introduced herself by saying with the sweetest smile: “Hello, I’m Carolina and I don’t tolerate mediocrity!” See more

In that moment I got hit by the realization of how much in my life I did tolerate it, and what it cost me. And that was less than two minutes after we met, but has impacted who I am now tremendously. It is her keen ability to listen to people and get them, and then say the precise words they need to hear in order to break through which makes her truly stand out in an ocean of self help and life coaching.
In my working with her I got to discover for myself who I am and what I’m truly capable of, and all that with rigorous lightness and humor. I can tell you that my tolerance for mediocrity has been dramatically lowered! I started my own company doing metal fabrication and artistic foundry work from literally nothing because I did not want to settle for anything I don’t love for work.
Now my work sometimes keeps me up at night because I am so excited about it. I now live “out there.” And, almost by magic, I found people to work with who share that passion, and we now inspire each other mutually. But it was Carolina’s relentless stand for what she saw in me that helped me discover for myself what I otherwise may never have seen.

~ Thomas Schneider

Veronica_TorrealbaMy name is Veronica and I had the privilege to be coached by Carolina Aramburo during a seminar she led six years ago in 2008. Back then I had my story and my own preconceived ideas that, due to an event that had happened in my childhood, my life had to be ruled by it by being a pleaser, depressed, unhappy, miserable and with lots of guilt. See more

I had no idea or not even had tools to alter the way I felt, thinking in a very resigned way “oh well, this is the way it should go and I will just deal with it, and it will be this way for the rest of my life.” I just kept pretending that I was happy, successful in life and very important. I became very friendly to everyone.
By being coached by Carolina in a one and one session, I discovered that yes, miracles happen, and that I certainly cannot change my past, but what I can definitely alter it’s the way I choose to be about it. That miracle showed up in a 20 min session where I experienced relief, peace of mind, happiness and love and the most important tool: I get to be friendly and lovable to people whenever I choose to out of love, and not because by being amicable I get people to like me, since the truth was that I didn’t trust anyone.
It’s been so empowering not to get people to like me, not having this burden on my shoulders of remembering every single day what had happened in the past, and to feel free to create my life newly again … I don’t have enough words to thank you Carolina for the miracle you have achieved on my life that will accompany me for the rest of my life …

~ Veronica Torrealba Narvaez

Testimonial by:
~ Heather Havenwood,

Piotr WolnyA long time ago I had the world under my feet. At the age of 16 I became a model surrounded by gorgeous women. At 19 years old I opened my first company. I liked show business so much I became a fashion show producer and those gorgeous polish women (including miss Poland) were working for me. Life was very easy with tons friends and girls always around me, if you can imagine. See more

And then something happened at the age of 22 after a couple of not that serious failures, my identity started to collapse. I didn’t know why I was going down so fast, so I ran away with my problems and fading personality and I moved from Poland to the States, becoming one of the rodents in NYC rat race. Felt so small I didn’t reach out back. To share what … misery?Let me tell you, stepping from heaven to hell in a few weeks is not a funny experience. No papers, weak language, no money, no family, two heavy suitcases you don’t know where to put, not even ready for such NYC humidity. I went there literally with 500 bucks and not a single person to call.

As you can imagine, that impact was of Armageddon proportions for me. I collapsed and got depressed for almost 6 years. Didn’t reach out for help, I was too proud, instead I was trying to sleep it away.

I started back from the bottom: furniture mover for some joke money, front desk for even less, but my lower back gave up on me completely, later busser, barback for years. And then I met Carolina, and it was this amazing coaching from heaven as I know it. Full of integrity, confidence and power – words were shooting through me like arrows. I started to feel it once again. In the beginning it was just the feeling “I can,” but I was praying in silence for more and I got what I was asking for.

Few quick examples:

Simply before I didn’t leave my home district for years. After coaching I visited South Africa, South America, Thailand in Asia and lots of Europe: England, Germany, Italy, Monaco, France, and being several times back in my country.

Before I didn’t have friends in US, now I have tons of friends and number is growing constantly. Like I said, from working hard as hell to working smart as hell, and much more.

All I want for you is to be left with this – I got that coaching years ago and am still creating what I want, whenever I need it. Just like that.

I just recently become an business owner here in US and I moved to the place where I wanted to live all my life, not where life pushed me. I am in California and am great. A few months ago I took over a failing business and tripled the revenue in few months, despite all obstacles. How to “Be” like that? Ask Carolina!

So now, I am literally working only a few days in a month and I have more money than ever before working so hard, almost everyday, for years not mentioning asking for permissions for vacations or being late or even when I was sick.

Oohhh I forgot to add I now have a green card and even the citizenship is coming next year!

Thank you Carolina!

See you in your new extraordinary future if you choose this powerful option to have Carolina on your side.

~ Piotr Wolny


Michael FormanI am as far from a successful businessman as it gets. However, in December 2010, I created a new goal for my life: To shift the health of the world through using a whole food, plant-based diet. See more

My relationship with Carolina began with her using my health coaching services. I had been working with Carolina on using a whole food, plant-based diet to halt and reverse the progression of her health symptoms. After about four months of having Carolina as my client I requested that I be her client in June 2011.
Throughout the first four months of being coached by Carolina I was terrified of taking action towards my goal. I had built a pretty good thing at work for the first-time since 2008, and on the surface it was easy to say that I didn’t want to mess it up again by taking a risk. What was really going on is that I was not confident enough in myself to go after what I wanted and afraid to take a risk and blow it all. About five months into working with Carolina, the light bulb switched on. Carolina gave me these wonderful assignments where she had me observe the way that I operate in life. Not to fix or change anything, but to notice. Noticing how I would take action for a while and then quit because I was too afraid allowed for me to have a true breakthrough and move past my fear.
I recently created a whole food, plant-based restaurant in NYC. I was so lit up and excited that my entire perspective on life literally shifted. The confidence that I could not tap into returned, my feelings of not deserving anything disappeared and I began pursuing a life where I got to say how it goes. I am operating with power for the first-time since 2008 and am pursuing a life that I want. I have a business partner; two hired employees, two real estate agents working with me and am contacting investors for funding for the restaurant. All of this from someone who has never made more than $33,000 in a year and who had four jobs in three years b/c he couldn’t stand the line of work he was in.
I also am finding it interesting that ever since creating my whole foods, plant-based restaurant that my social life is way busier, I am loving fully and everything that I do is way easier than it has ever been. I am currently transitioning from my current job to focus on the restaurant full-time and at the same time I am gaining more responsibility at my current job and my friends, staff and colleagues are seeing my as the leader that I know myself to be, the leader that was buried under my own doubts.
Working with Carolina has been a pleasure for me, she’s tough and at the same time she is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I literally would do almost anything that Carolina asks me to do because I know that anything she asks me to do is beneficial to me and for me. I struggled for many years and through working with Carolina my struggles are completing and a new future is opening up for me.”

~ Michael Forman,

CEO at Pure Love Sustainability Inc.